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Meet Corolle – a durable, green, aesthetic addition to the urban landscape.


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The groundbreaking solution tackling urban heat islands head-on.
By seamlessly integrating climbing plants into site furniture, we redefine urban landscapes, creating refreshing oases amidst concrete jungles.
Project Name: Freestanding L Olympe Corolle
Location: Place de la pointe, 93500 Pantin, France

A Corolle full of lush greenery is placed on square tile flooring, with a modern building in the backdrop and two Corolles in the distance.

Corolle Through the Seasons

A rapid and extensive urban re-greening solution that solves the Urban Heat Island Effect and creates natural plant shade.

Adaptability + Resilience

Its airy structure ensures optimized air circulation and creates natural plant shade. It blocks and reflects the sun’s rays.

The Return of Biodiversity

A haven for urban wildlife. The Corolle is an ecosystem that protects biodiversity.

Modular Design

Corolle is modular, requiring no coupling, and it does not impact underground networks or existing urban infrastructures.

Project Name: Standard L Corolle
Location: Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand Quai François Mauriac, 75013 Paris, France

A grouping of five Corolles placed strategically on an urban walkway adjacent to a skyscraper.

Product Details

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  • Available in two sizes
  • Canopy cover: 40-60 sqm (430.6-645.8 sq ft)
  • Minimal footprint: 1 sqm (10.8 sq ft)
  • Supports vertical vegetation up to 5m (16.4 ft)
Contrario Mini Freestanding
59 3/8” w x 36 1/8” h
Contrario Mini Freestanding
Olympus Mini Surface Mount
63 ¾” w x 48 3/8” h
Olympus Mini Surface Mount
Standard Mini Surface Mount
41 ¾” w x 46 1/8” h
Standard Mini Surface Mount
Standard Large Surface Mount
50” w x 56 3/8” h
Standard Large Surface Mount

Each base includes:

  • An outer carbon steel planter
  • An aluminum inner liner for soil and plants
  • An inner steel frame to stabilize the Corolle canopy

Planter bases are equipped with:

  • Built-in drainage openings suitable for irrigation systems

The Corolle canopy is made of:

  • A durable mesh fiberglass tube
  • Non-corrosive polymide connection nodes
  • Stainless steel cables and fasteners

Where Corolle Thrives

Pedestrianized Streets

Create vibrant, adaptable streetscapes. Corolle's modular design allows for flexible use of the area for events, markets, or creating a dynamic pedestrian experience.

Paved Plazas

Breathe life into hardscapes. Corolle's shade range provides relief from the sun, while the movable planters allow for creative rearrangement.


Foster healthy and vibrant learning environments. Corolle's modularity allows for easy integration into existing walkways or courtyards, providing shaded areas for studying, socializing, or outdoor events.

Transit Facilities

Improve passenger experience. Corolle's calming canopy provides a welcome respite outside busy transit hubs while its lightweight structure avoids putting stress on underground infrastructure.
Project Name: Freestanding L Olympe Corolle 
Location: Place d’Armes, 57000 Metz, France

A close-up view of two Corolles in a shaded city spot, forming an arch, with a third Corolle in the distance between them. Historic stone buildings frame the scene.

Accessories + Options

Enhancing functionality with tailor-made & customizable solutions
Ogden Circular Bench

A digital rendering of a Corolle's Ogden Circular Bench, designed for communal seating around the central planting area.

Ogden Circular Bench

Bar Height Table* Available in large size only.

A digital rendering of the Bar Height Table of a Corolle, showcasing its round seating arrangement.

Bar Height Table*

Available in large size only.
Shade Panels

Top-down and perspective renderings of a Corolle, highlighting its shade panels, set against a neutral background.

Shade Panels

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An outdoor patio with modern white chairs and a table, overlooking rolling hills and a clear sky. There's a decorative railing, a basket on the wooden deck, and a vase with dried plants on the table, creating a tranquil setting

In 2016, Urban Canopee embarked on a groundbreaking journey rooted in the prestigious École des Ponts ParisTech and nurtured by over a decade of research within the Navier laboratory. The mission was bold yet essential: to mitigate the escalating effects of climate change by weaving the cooling embrace of nature into the urban fabric. Urban Canopee introduced the revolutionary TRIGLASS composite material through an innovative collaboration with Top Glass Industries, making the canopies resilient, exceptionally lightweight, and durable. Urban Canopee is a pioneer in ecological innovation, effectively turning the tide against urban heat islands, one canopy at a time.

A design rendering showing two Corolles with lush greenery amid the background of the cityscape.
Project Name: Standard L Corolle
Location: Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand Quai François Mauriac, 75013 Paris, France

A grouping of five Corolles placed strategically on an urban walkway adjacent to a skyscraper.

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